My name is Linda and I live near Chicago. I am proud to live in the Great Lakes region of this country. I particularly love the northern woods of Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

As often as I can, I try to be in a sauna, a yoga studio, or hiking in the forest, anywhere. I value quality relationships and hope I contribute well to the lives of those with which I work and play. I can find humor in almost anything.

I am passionate about environmentalism, minimalism, peacefulness, and respect for all. I care about food, wine, fitness, style, design, home, and simple pleasures of daily life. Music is massively important to me.

I feel happy when I hear the sound of a chainsaw (perhaps I’ll discuss that sometime), wake up to a foggy day, and am a little bit hungry. These things don’t have to be happening all at once.

My professional life is in marketing communications and of course, writing.